TheShadeWagon has arrived!

With special access, via the QR Code included in TheShadeWagon packaging, YOU are a significant client of ours as we start our journey as IMPEL LLC.
Now that you own TheShadeWagon (the very first of it’s kind) you are an ambassador for our product, our business and for all future products to be released by IMPEL.
You, the Founders, also saw what we saw in TheShadeWagon - A unique and versatile product that fills a gap in the shading industry where a superior and more convenient shading solution is needed.
In creating TheShadeWagon Founders Club, we had one thing in mind - We want to thank you to the best of our abilities by extending you notable offers that are exclusive to you, our Founders.

See below for more details:

  • Founders Club Direct Line Of Communication:

    TheShadeWagon Founders Club will have access to an exclusive, direct line of communication with our dedicated Founders Club Customer Service Representatives. These Representatives have the sole job of maintaining communication with you, our Founders, for any questions, help or instruction that you may need. Our Founders Club Reps will also contact our Founders first with any exclusive deals, offers and new product releases before they are available to the general public. Founders, please be on the lookout for our Founders Club email, coming to your email inbox soon. We will be sending this private email address to your provided email via our company domain, customerservice@theshadewagon.com.

  • Earn Shady Bucks, Win New Product Releases & Prizes!

    We want to see how you THROW SHADE! By creating content of how you utilize your TheShadeWagon, you can win Shady Bucks (to use towards IMPEL products purchased online at theshadewagon.com) and/or prizes from IMPEL LLC! Create the content of your choice, then upload it to a social media platform & submit it to us via the Founders Club email address (please copy & paste the link from your social media post in the email to submit your content).

    Each month, we will take all content entry's (that are submitted correctly) and enter them into a drawing. A winner will be selected at random to receive Shady Bucks, new IMPEL products and/or other prizes!

  • Win A Free Trip To An All-Inclusive TSW Event!

    We will be keeping an eye out for superior content with a following!

    To take things a step further, our Founders Club Representatives will be extensively scouting your content & the following that you have generated behind TheShadeWagon with that content. If we find that you are creating content that is a driving force behind the success of TheShadeWagon, we want to meet you & treat you to a small get away! If selected, we will pay to have you flown out (to a venue of our choice) for an all-inclusive event with other TheShadeWagon content creators & the owners of TheShadeWagon!