Frequently Asked Questions

Does TheShadeWagon really only require one person to set up?

Yes - we can reliably say that TheShadeWagon is TRULY a one-person setup shading system.

How long does it take to set up TheShadeWagon?

During our thorough testing process, the fastest achievable one-person setup was 15 seconds - the longest recorded one-person setup at a casual pace was 60 seconds.

Side note: With the timeliness of set up & breakdown, TheShadeWagon removes the urge to leave a canopy set up for long periods of time, thus decreasing any unnecessary wear & tear or destruction from the elements.

How much does TheShadeWagon weigh in pounds?

50 pounds total

What is the maximum height that TheShadeWagon pole & canopy extend up to?

9.5 feet tall maximum extension - extends in increments of 1 foot.

What is the minimum height that TheShadeWagon pole & canopy extend down to?

3 feet minimum extension - extends in increments of 1 foot.

What color is the body of TheShadeWagon?

Blue with white logo.

What color is the canopy of TheShadeWagon?


What color are the wheels of TheShadeWagon?

Black rims & black tires.

What is the body of TheShadeWagon made out of?

Heavy-duty plastic injected box with stainless steel rivets & fasteners.

What are TheShadeWagon poles made out of?

Fiberglass reinforced plastic.

What is TheShadeWagon canopy made out of?

Dacron reinforced ripstop nylon with PVC coating, fire retardant, UV protection material & stainless steel grommets with a 4" dropdown with sewn in tether pockets.

Is TheShadeWagon waterproof?


What type of handle does TheShadeWagon have?

Heavy-duty long steel handle.

What are the canopy measurements of TheShadeWagon?

9.25' long X 8.5' wide canopy - adjustable mast extends it up to 10’ tall.

What are the body measurements of TheShadeWagon?

32.75" long X 17.25" wide X 11.5" tall (without wheels) - 20.5" tall (with wheels).

What are the wheel measurements of TheShadeWagon?

7" tall X 4.5" wide.

What type of wheels does TheShadeWagon have on it?

Plastic injection rims & foam rubber tires (all-terrain wheels).

How much does TheShadeWagon normally cost?

TheShadeWagon costs $799.00.

Is every part of canopy stored inside of the body of TheShadeWagon?

Yes - the mast, poles, canopy, canopy feet & tethers are all stored inside of TheShadeWagon body.

Is there space inside of TheShadeWagon body to store any additional necessary items (e.g. ground stakes or other aftermarket add-ons)?

Yes - you will be able to easily fit ground stakes inside of TheShadeWagon body along with the other components that are stored inside.

Are the mast, poles, canopy, etc. removable from the body of TheShadeWagon?

Yes - pull a single locking pin & the entire system comes out of TheShadeWagon body.

How many staking points are on TheShadeWagon & where are they located?

3 staking points - one located on each side of the box and one located at the end of the box.

How many tether points are on TheShadeWagon & where are they located?

4 tether points - located on the four corners of the canopy (upon breakdown, store the tethers inside of the canopy corners with velcro pockets).

What are some of the aftermarket production add-on items for TheShadeWagon that I can expect to see in the future?

Utility hitch adapters (with pivot), shade flys, zip-on walls, zip-on mosquito nets, high-mount flood lights, overhead lights, deluxe staking kits, attachable coolers, attachable misting fans, catch all baskets, toolboxes, power supply, bluetooth speakers, appliances, cup holders, fishing rod holders, flashing kits to combine 2 or more wagons to increase square footage & MUCH MORE.

Does TheShadeWagon come with the tethers included inside of the tether pockets?

Yes - the tethers come with TheShadeWagon & will need to be tied on during product assembly.

Once I receive TheShadeWagon, how much customer assembly should I be expecting?

Attach the wheels, canopy & tethers - then you are ready to throw shade.

Does TheShadeWagon come with specific ground stakes for the product?

Yes - TheShadeWagon includes a set of 7 ground stakes, 4 staking points for the tethers and 3 staking points for the box.

Does TheShadeWagon roll easily on gravel or textured pavement?

Yes - TheShadeWagon comes equipped with all-terrain wheels for mobility on all surface areas.

How do you extend the mast of TheShadeWagon?

The mast simply lifts up to your desired height & descends by one single pull of a spring loaded pull pin (per 1 foot increments).

How do you extend the canopy poles of TheShadeWagon?

Fan out the poles & extend the poles until they click into place (push spring buttons on poles to collapse).

Is TheShadeWagon fully weatherproof? (e.g. sun, heat, wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, etc.)

Yes - TheShadeWagon is notoriously known for surviving all of the elements (not just the sun & heat).

Can I buy TheShadeWagon in stores anywhere?

Currently, we are only fulfilling online orders.

Is TheShadeWagon hard to use?

No - one of the many perks of TheShadeWagon is the ease of use (especially setup & breakdown).

What makes TheShadeWagon more durable than other typical shading systems?

All materials used to build each piece of TheShadeWagon were handpicked by the creators to ensure the durability of their product.

If I order TheShadeWagon now, when is it expected to ship?

TheShadeWagon is expected to ship in late October 2023.

What features of TheShadeWagon set it apart from all other shading systems & competitors?

TheShadeWagon showcases extraordinary features that include, but are not limited to: one-person setup & breakdown, 360° canopy spin, 180° canopy tilt, adjustable height, a handle & wheels for the ease of travel.

How does TheShadeWagon get to ground level?

Simply take TheShadeWagon unit off the carrier - then place on the ground and stake it down at the 3 staking points with the included ground stakes.

How much weight can TheShadeWagon support (on the body)?

There is currently no set maximum weight limit for TheShadeWagon - through the different testing phases of our unit models, we have yet to encounter any items that were too heavy for TheShadeWagon to transport.

Is TheShadeWagon stable?

Yes, it is very stable - when the unit & the 4 tethers and 3 box stakes are staked down, TheShadeWagon is a player against winds & other realistic weather conditions.

What type of warranty comes with TheShadeWagon?

TheShadeWagon comes with a limited lifetime warranty under the proper guidelines of use of the product.