Welcome to the new generation of revolutionary shading! With limitless set-up options, TheShadeWagon is the do-it-all shading system. The 360° spin & 180° tilt features are the first of their kind, making TheShadeWagon customizable to the sun as it moves throughout the day. Knowing our own personal struggles with set-up & break-down of “traditional” pop-up tents, we wanted to make that process easier for anyone to do & not only is the set-up easy, but it can be done in only minutes with just one person!

TheShadeWagon is lightweight, portable & durable. It is a very stable system designed with the elements in mind - when the base unit, 4 corner tethers & 3 box stakes are staked down, TheShadeWagon is a player against winds & other realistic weather conditions.

We hope that you find TheShadeWagon to be a more convenient & practical tool for everyday use. So, as you welcome your new TheShadeWagon into your home, we would like to welcome you to TheShadeWagon Family! We appreciate your interest & support of TheShadeWagon - We cannot wait for you to be able to go out & THROW SOME SHADE!

Stay tuned for more from IMPEL LLC, as we will release additional attachments & products specifically designed for TheShadeWagon, so you can upgrade your TheShadeWagon into a super-tool!

These products may include, but are not limited too:

Important Reminder:

Always maintain two points of contact on TheShadeWagon at all times during the set-up & break-down processes.


TheShadeWagon was designed for ease in all areas. During transportation to your location, you may stack & carry your items on TheShadeWagon. Please make sure that your items are secured onto TheShadeWagon to avoid breaking and/or damaging any of your personal effects. TheShadeWagon is also equipped with all-terrain wheels, making it easier for you to travel over a variety of surfaces without struggle.

Choose Your Location

Pick your desired location to set-up your TheShadeWagon. It is best to look for a flat area where the tethers & ground stakes can be inserted into the ground to ensure the stability of your structure. If your location does not have a soft surface, such as concrete, we recommend that you place a heavy object (approx. 25 pound) inside of the box of TheShadeWagon. We should use tether weights to tie down your TheShadeWagon. We also recommend that you use weights on the ends of your tethers.

Coming Soon: Deluxe Hard Surface Stabilization Kit

Remove & Secure

Once at your location, remove all personal items off of TheShadeWagon. Next, you will need to un-latch the securing latch at the rear of TheShadeWagon (circled in red) & the locating tab at the front.

Remove & Secure

Remove the box unit from the rolling platform & place the box unit in your desired location. Open the lid of the box unit & retrieve your ground stakes. Then, fully insert all 3 ground stakes into the ground stake slots of TheShadeWagon.

Tip: A rubber or plastic malet work best to hammer in the stakes

Mast Out

Now that TheShadeWagon is properly staked into the ground, with the lid still open, extend the mast system upward & out of the box unit until it clicks into place. Once the mast has locked into place, then you may shut the lid of the box unit.

Mast Up & Rotate Canopy

Extend the mast system upward until it is just above your head. With the mast placed just above head level, rotate the canopy pole system upward until they are parallel to the ground.

Fan Out Canopy Poles

With the canopy poles remaining un-extended, pull the spring-loaded plunger as you rotate the canopy poles into place until they click. 

Extend All 4 Canopy Poles

One by one, extend each canopy pole (4 total) outward until they stop extending (each section of all four poles should click into place while extending the poles outward). Once all canopy poles are extended, you may extend the mast to your desired height.

Tether & Finish

Open the velcro pockets built into the four corners of TheShadeWagon canopy & remove the built in tethers. One by one, extend each tether away from the corner of TheShadeWagon canopy & secure it into the ground with one of the included ground stakes from TheShadeWagon box unit.

Customize your coverage

360° Spin Feature

To use the 360° spin mechanism, pull the locking pin located at the top center of the mast (circled in red on the image pictured to your left), unlocking the canopy. Once you have found your desired position, re-insert the locking pin back into the mast.

Customize Your Coverage

180° Tilt Feature

To use the 180° tilt mechanism, pull the spring-loaded tilt plunger located at the top right of the mast (circled in red on the image pictured to your right), unlocking the canopy. Then set the tilt to your desired position and release the plunger, locking it back into place.

Make TSW a player against the elements

Stake & Tether

Please be sure to ground stake the main box unit of TheShadeWagon at the 3 built-in staking points & always tether the canopy by all 4 corners using the built-in tethers (inside of the 4 tether pockets) to make TheShadeWagon a true player against the elements.

Remove Security

First, remove all ground stakes from the box unit (3 total) & remove the ground stakes at the end of the tethers (4 total). Then, coil the tether around your hand & store the coiled rope tethers in the built-in tether pockets at each corner of TheShadeWagon (4).

Retract Canopy Poles

Make sure to secure the mast back to ‘head level’ position. Once at head level, push the buttons on the canopy poles to retract all four of the canopy poles one by one until all are fully retracted.

Rotate Canopy Poles Inward

Rotate all four canopy poles inward above the box unit by pulling each individual locking plunger down.

Retract Mast

Leave the canopy system parallel to the ground & retract the mast all the way down until it stops by holding the system with one hand and holding the mast plunger with the other hand.

Important Reminder: Always support the system with one hand, while lowering the system with the other hand. 

Canopy System Down

Once the mast is all the way down, rotate the canopy system downward using the tilt plunger (circled in red).

Canopy To Box

After the canopy system is pointed downward, parallel to the mast, pull the mast locking ring at the base of the mast, carefully laying the entire system inside of the box unit (maintaining two points of contact). Then, you may close the lid.

Connect To Cart

Place the box unit back on top of the wheel platform. Once you have the box of the unit positioned on the cart, insert the locating tab on the front of the wagon & then, latch the hinge at the rear of TheShadeWagon (see hinge circled in red).


Now, you are done & ready to go! It's that fast & easy!