The Story Behind TheShadeWagon™

Saul and Jeremy, cousins and best friends, grew up in the Northeast, where the climate was manageable year-round. Both of them moved south (Saul to Tennessee and Jeremy to Florida) and quickly realized how unbearable the heat and sun could be.  

On December 26, 2011, Saul had an epiphany - he realized that there was a need for a portable shading device that any one person could easily set up. On that day, TheShadewagon™ was born. With "no-brainer" common sense and a lot of skill, the journey began to create a portable shading system that is fast & easy, unlike the short-lived, unmanageable "not so easy-ups" that we are accustomed to.

For the past 11 years, Saul & Jeremy have worked tirelessly to perfect the design and use of TheShadewagon™.  A combined 20,000+ hours and 750,000+ dollars is a testimony to the hard work & attention to detail behind the success of TheShadeWagon™.

The shade industry had a problem - it was unchanged & underdeveloped. That's where these two visionaries come in - they have developed the ultimate solution to that problem..

A shading system that can do what the others cannot - TheShadeWagon™!

The innovative, internationally patented design is the first-of-its-kind and revolutionizes the shading industry. Jeff H. from Massachusetts quotes, "It's like carrying shade in your back pocket!"